• Day School Teacher

    Social Distancing

    Isolation Strategies

  • drphil_lucero2.jpg

    Gangs To Superstar

    Joseph Raymond Lucero

  • Woman with Paper Mask

    Get The Facts

    Coronavirus Pandemic 

  • Carla_Pennington.png

    The Power Behind "Dr. Phil"

    Carla Pennington

  • 20200226_150957.jpg

    Get  The Help You Need

    Dr. Charles Sophy

  • Jon_Taffer_Dr_Phil.jpg

    Passion Reaction

    Jon Taffer

  • JasonFlom1.jpg

    Move The Needle To Effect Change

    Jason Flom

  • 18096_Cheryl_Hunter_Dr_Phil.jpg

    Magnify Your Message

    Cheryl Hunter

  • MT_TreatMyself_ALB_IMAGE_CROP_hr (1).jpg

    Treat Myself

    Meghan Trainor

  • JIM_HILL.jpg

    Mourning Kobe Bryant

    Jim Hill

  • Design Concrete

    Move Your Position

    Living By Design

  • ken2.jpg

    Tennis Channel

    Ken Solomon

  • dpjan12.JPG

    Be Part Of The 8%

    New Year's Resolutions 2

  • Purple Glow

    Be Efficient

    New Year's Resolutions


    Happy Holidays!

    Holiday Traditions

  • TracyM.png

    Family of Fiancé

    Tracy McMillan

  • Hugging Couple in Nature

    The power of your relationship

    Relationship Reality Check 8

  • Confetti Storm

    It’s time to get back to YOU!

    Relationship Reality Check 7

  • Outside Dinner

    A Thanksgiving miracle!

    Relationship Reality Check 6

  • DrPhil_KevinMitnick_edited.jpg

    Stay safe in the cyber world.

    Kevin Mitnick - Hacking

  • Piggyback

    Take your own inventory

    Relationship Reality Check 5

  • DrPhil_Justin_Lehmiller.jpg

    Tell Me What You Want

    Relationship Reality Check 4

  • TuesdayPeopleCoverArt600.png

    New Podcast!

    Mitch Albom and Dr. Phil

  • Wedding Style in the The Land of Smile

    Bust a myth.

    Relationship Reality Check 3

  • Holding Hands

    Strategic approaches.

    Relationship Reality Check 2

  • Image by Emma Matthews Content Productio

    It's on you!

    Relationship Reality Check 1

  • Modern Watch

    Never too late to start!

    Living By Design 10

  • Girl Hiking in Mountains

    Create a path to success.

    Living By Design 9

  • Model in Vibrant Pattern

    Reach for what you want!

    Living By Design 8

  • Rugby Players

    Thinking of a master plan!

    Living By Design 7

  • Crowd Surfing

    Claim it!

    Living By Design 6

  • kyron_missing_edited.jpg

    The Disappearance of Kyron Horman

    Into Thin Air

  • Open Notebook

    Coming out on top!

    Living By Design 5

  • Sports Fans

    A conversation for parents and teens

    A Cautionary Tale

  • 400 Things Cops Know and Police Craft

    Sgt. Adam Plantinga

  • “Shame is an Ocean I Swim Across”

    Mary Lambert

  • Robin_Phil In The Blanks_Aug 8th, 2019-0

    Celebrates 43rd Wedding Anniversary

    Robin McGraw

  • Susan2.png

    Body language is key.

    Susan Constantine

  • Metta World Peace.jpg

    Embracing life.

    Metta World Peace

  • xAMMDP_Victim_or_Killer_3000x3000_v01.pn

    Beautiful Victim or Killer Wife?

    New Episode

  • Johnson1.JPG

    Part 1 - Sports concussion protocol

    J. Patrick Johnson

  • tracie2.JPG

    Part 2 - Prepare kids and PlayItSafe

    Tracie Arlington

  • CedricTheEntertainer1.JPG

    Beloved comedians

    Cedric The Entertainer

  • Coco_Vandeweghe.JPG

    Family legacy of champions

    CoCo Vandeweghe

  • MitchAlbom_DrPhil2.jpg

    Every life is meaningful.

    Mitch Albom

  • Cerny_4.jpg

    Actress and social media influencer

    Amanda Cerny

  • Jay Leno's Garage_2018-4471.jpg

    How to handle a heckler.

    Jay Leno

  • F-jonas_brothers_3.jpg

    #HappinessBegins NOW!

    The Jonas Brothers

  • Change the world with your actions. 

    Chief David Brown

  • Ron White will not shut up.

    Ron White

  • jimmy kimmel.jpg

    Jimmy Kimmel may need to lie down.

    Jimmy Kimmel

  • Gayle King.jpg

    Gayle King has a press pass for life!

    Gayle King

  • mikebayer_1.JPG

    Mike Bayer goes LIVE with Dr. Phil.

    Mike Bayer

  • AMDP_3000x3000_Ep01_v01.png

    Dr. Phil's newest crime podcast.

    Bonus Episode

  • Tracks_of_Life_banner.jpg

    Take a journey with Jordan and Fabian.

    Tracks of Life

  • Emmitt Smith.JPG

    Champions go strong!

    Emmitt Smith

  • Justin_Paperny.jpeg

    Lessons From Prison. 

    Justin Paperny

  • Sophie Turner.jpg

    Sophie Turner Reigns Supreme

    Sophie Turner

  • Oprah_Winfrey.jpg

    Discovering Your Life's Direction and Purpose

    The Path Made Clear

  • Couple Leaning Against Reel

    Players are going to get played!

    Living By Design Part VI

  • Charlamagne Tha God.jpeg

    Does anxiety gives CTG an “edge.”


  • Piers Morgan

    Piers Morgan speaks his mind.


  • Charles_Barkley.jpg

    Sir Charles Barkley opens up.


  • Dr. Joe McGraw

    Why are you where you are right now?


  • How can you spot a lie and get to the truth?


  • Tony Romo

    Winning strategies off the field and in life.


  • Dr_Phil.jpg

    Seven core characteristics of a champion.


  • PHIL_INTHE_BLANKS_1200x630_v01.png

    Get “the edge” in your life.


  • Kathy Bates.jpg

    Kathy Bates, captivating audiences.


  • steve harvey-.jpg

    Steve Harvey does it all.


  • 1_Dax_Shepard_Dr_Phil_podcast_a.jpg

     Dax Shepard loves talking to people.


  • shaq.jpg

    Shaquille O'Neal, most dominant.