Sep 26

Are living by design going to be an audiobook or cd

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  • My kids are in their 40's. They live in Georgia, I live in Wisconsin. I didn't get to raise them their entire childhood because I got out of a very abusive marriage to their dad with my life. He ultimately ended up with the kids; he had the money, the power and I was not strong enough to fight as hard as I needed to in order to keep them. I did have both of them living with me at different times during their teens and early 20's. I have been in recovery for alcoholism for 30 years, I put my daughter through treatment in her early 20's and offered many times to help my son get treatment, which he refused. My son is homeless, living in a tent year round, working off and on, has serious back issues due to a bad experience in a mosh pit, spends his time in bars and loves live music. I have spent most of my life grieving and worrying about him and our relationship is very distant. This past winter I decided to look at my son's situation differently. Instead of trying to help him get resources to help himself. He said that he had tried everything I suggested but couldn't get any help. I don't know if that is true or just an excuse. I decided my "help" was looking more like criticism that concern, so I changed my thinking about the situation. I thought "how cool, he's living in a tent." It takes a lot of skills to live the lifestyle he has chosen for himself. I let him know how proud I was of him and his ability to survive and asked what I could do to help and he asked for boots and woolen socks. Now, I am wondering if I am doing the right thing by accepting his situation. I'm confused because when I went through the Living by Design course you talk about taking care of ourselves first and loving ourselves first. Yet when I watch your shows, I wonder if I could be doing more to help him. I'm in my 70's, retired, alone and have few resources. I haven't seen him or his sister in over 7 years. I'm hoping that I can see them next spring. I'm hoping my son can make it another winter out there in his tent. Do you think it's too late?
  • Dear Dr. Phil, I started listening to your LDB series as they were first released but I just went back and listened to them again one right after the other in order. I downloaded some of the worksheets during my first listening pass but after finishing ALL of them again, I downloaded all the worksheets you provided. However, some of the ones I initially downloaded were no longer there. Plus, I am not sure what order they go in. You were kind enough to name two of them by the episode number. Could you or someone on your team rename the files so that we know what order they go in? You can put 01_, 02_, 03_, etc at the start of each file and that will ensure they sort properly on Google Docs where you have them stored. Thank you for this amazing series. I want to listen to it again and do the worksheets as they are mentioned on the podcasts.. Thanks in advance! GIlley Estes Long time fan of the Dr Phil show and now both of your podcasts!