Sep 26

Tired and retired


I have many of your books and have worked out so many of your forms thank you. Unfortunately, I'm 71 and I feel my life is over. The only thing I've ever wanted I've been wanting for 48 years and it has eluded me. I was a widow at 23 and all I've ever wanted was to be a "normal" couple. Part of a committed relationship. Obviously what I'm doing is not what I should be doing...I can't even think of something else that I want. I live in a retirement gated community in an incredibly beautiful spot on a lake in British Columbia and I am reasonably happy - I mean I'm not particularily sad. But I feel like I'm just going to walk my dog until I die. How do I find something I want other than what I want?

Sep 29

Hey Just a question for you....Does the retirement community have any activities you are interested in? It might be a good place to find a friend. Best of Luck

Sep 29

Thanks, I play pickleball, do yoga, walk my dog all with people here but they are all married. Definitely part of the problem as I live 30 minutes away from a small town on a road with free range cattle so I don't drive at night.

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  • I think it would be great if you could do a podcast on weight loss. Getting your life under control, finding willpower and motivation. I know living by design does give you the tools to accomplish these goals, but I was looking for a closer look at diet and exercise and our (overweight people) relationship with them. Thank you for the consideration.
  • Why not adding a living by design for teenager and for good parenting. I'm sure there will be a lot people agree with that. I'm a mother of a teen and that could help me a lot and so him.
  • Hi Dr. Phil, Well, I know that it should be pretty obvious, or at least that's what I think it should be very obvious general, that I should not tell her and instead try to move on. I have been listening to your Phil in the Blanks podcast and you, Dr.Phil, said that I should do all the things that I want to do and say all the things I want to say to people, while also staying authentic. Well, I have been thinking that I should tell her because we, probably, only have one life and I want it to be the best one. I want your honest opinion about this matter, please. I am completely aware that if I confess there will be short term and long term consequences, but I don't really seem to care. I want to take action and confess and deal with the problems as they come. I know that I could lose the respect of many people and could also lose many friends, but I am willing to take that risk. My questions are, should I confess or no? And why should I confess or not? I am 17 years old and a senior in high school, so maybe this information puts everything into context and can help you inform me. I would also like to know the opinions of other people in this community since I am guessing that most folks here are adults. Respectfully, respond soon and have the best day possible to you Dr. Phil and everyone else reading this. Sincerely and gratefully, Luis