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Analyzing Body Language With The Behavior Panel

Have you ever wondered how experts determine whether someone is lying? Dr. Phil and The Behavior Panel debunk the biggest misconceptions about body language and discuss the finer points of deception detection.

“Pay attention to what people are not saying because they're speaking volumes to you with their body language,” says Dr. Phil.


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  • “Pay attention to what people are not saying because they are speaking volumes to you with their body language and with their facial expressions.” -Dr. Phil

  • “So instead of being a lie, detector be a change detector.” -Chase Hughes

  • “Great body language reading is really just that-- seeing the differences and investigating those differences. Finding out what a potential answer might be to what is going on.” -Mark Bowden

  • "A liar knows that you're probably most likely under the impression that breaking eye contact means a lie. So right out of the gate, they're going to try to lock eyes with you." -Scott Rouse

  • "There are patterns to eye movement that are discernible." -Greg Hartley


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