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How Cheryl Hunter Found A Way To Transcend Trauma And Help Others

Cheryl Hunter


Cheryl Hunter Best-selling Author, Speaker and Founder of "Magnify Your Message" Website: Instgram:

I help people with triumphant stories get their message out to the world through major media. My clients appear on national TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and on stage.

I personally cracked the code on how to craft a compelling message that is like candy to big media…then I successfully applied my findings to my own career. Doing so enables me to continually provide expert commentary for news sources including Dr. Oz, NBC News, Fox, PBS, Forbes Magazine, Inc., Entrepreneur, and many more; deliver four TED talks, and publish two bestselling books.

I also work as a TV writer and producer, so I know how the media thinks because I stand in their shoes. I’ve written or produced for networks including CBS, HBO, Paramount Pictures, PBS, and CNN. That combined experience makes me uniquely qualified to help you produce outstanding results like my other clients who are featured on national TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, podcasts, and the stage.

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