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Chief David Brown: Body-Cams, School Shootings and the Deadly Force Fight

Chief David Brown Phil(s) in the Blanks

  • Seeing a drug problem in his community and taking an action

  • Driving drug dealers out of neighborhoods

  • Humanizing the men and women that are behind the badge

  • Uniting and healing diverse communities

  • What successful community policing looks like and why it matters

  • One of the biggest tragedies in government

  • How society expects too much of police officers and why

  • New strategies for school shootings

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Chief David O. Brown

David O. Brown

Founder/CEO Chief David O. Brown and Associates

David Brown is a nationally recognized expert on security, law enforcement,

and crisis management. He is the former and longest tenured (since the 1960s) police chief of Dallas, Texas the nation’s ninth largest city.

David O. Brown is author of “Called to Rise,” a memoir. David is also a Fellow at President George W. Bush Institute; a University of Texas at Austin Distinguished Alumni; and ABC News on-Air contributor.

Brown is perhaps best known for his steady leadership during the worst police shooting in the nation’s history (Dallas, July 2016.) Direct challenges to protesters, “…put your protest signs down and put in an application,” combined with heartfelt commitment to surviving families of the fallen (five) and wounded (nine) officers, will remain etched in the minds and hearts of those impacted by the tragedy. Following the shooting, a news outlet called Brown “America’s chief who comforted a nation.”

During Brown’s tenure as police chief, Dallas had the most significant reduction in crime in the city’s history. Both violent and overall crimes were reduced to 50- and 40-year lows, respectively. This included achieving the lowest murder rate in over 80 years while also reducing the number of officer-involved shootings by 40 percent, the lowest point on record.

David Brown serves as senior advisor for Pharos Capital Group Private Equity; Mark Cuban Enterprises/Dallas Mavericks Professional Basketball team; and the Rainwater Foundation.

David also serves as a board of director at Watchguard, a body camera manufacturer; Salvation Army-Dallas; United Way-Dallas; Early Matters Dallas early child education; Meadows Mental Health Institute; Saint Phillips Foundation; and the Southwestern Medical Foundation. ( )

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