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Impact Of Distance Learning, Lost Social Interactions, Help For Parents



Fran Moss I am proud to share that I am a native San Diegan and a graduate of San Diego State University. I have been employed in the field of education for the past 37 years...21 years as a classroom teacher and 16 years as a principal. I am currently the principal of Stella Maris Academy, a TK-8th grade private school located in the Village of La Jolla in the City of San Diego. I have experience as an administrator in the northern part of our county where I worked in Oceanside with several military families from Camp Pendleton as well as additional experience in our inner city schools where the budgets are extremely tight due to the intense financial assistance needed. I am married with 2 adult children and two beautiful grandchildren. My father's family immigrated from Italy when he was an adolescent. Due to the language barrier, he only received an elementary level of formal education. He was a hard worker, an amazing provider and always put his family first. He passed away this past June after 62 years of marriage to the same woman, my mother. She is currently residing in an assisted living community in San Diego's east county. Luckily she is close enough for me to visit frequently. In all my years in this honorable field, nothing could have prepared me for the situation at hand. Children are resilient and adapt to change. But this current situation has thrown the society and our families into a tailspin. Parents are working from home or not working at all...children are estranged from their friends...missing graduations, sixth grade camps and other "rites of passage" they sometimes look forward to for years. It is my goal and the goal of my entire teaching staff to provide a "sense of normalcy" for these children and their families amid this chaos. I have observed that routine and consistency nurture a feeling of security during uncertain times. This is true at home and in "remote" schooling experiences as well.

Sandy Glick Sandy has been teaching Graphic Design CTE (Career Technical Education) for the last 7 years at Oak Hills high school. Sandy loves the time she spends with each and every one of her students. She dedicates herself to the needs of her student during and outside of school hours. Although she believes that education is the #1 key to a successful future, she also believes that preparing all students for the workforce with or without a college education is essential. Besides teaching her courses she is also an advisor to the Graphic Design Club. Sandy loves the fact that she is able to give her student on the job training within her program. Sandy is a mother first which brought her into the teaching profession. It is the key to her passionate way of teaching. Not only is she teaching to her students, she is there for them. Sandy's Top Tips For Parents Navigating Home Schooling: 1. Stay open minded and understanding that this is new to everyone.

2. Watch your child’s gradebook regularly.

3. Use as many resources as you can. And ask for help!


- Teachers

- Administration

- Family friends

- Relatives

Twitter @OHHS_bulldogs Facebook: OakHillsBulldogs

Amy Bonwell, M.Ed. and Scooby Amy lives in Corona, CA with husband David Bonwell and dog Scooby. Loves being creative, advocating for mental health, and learning about the mind.

Education: San Diego State University (BA - Social Science) 2005-2011, National University (M.Ed. in Best Practices in Teaching and California teaching credential program) 2011-2013. Experience: Currently teaching AP Psychology, Sociology, and US History at Hillcrest High School in Riverside, CA through the Alvord Unified School District. Also mental health club adviser for Bring Change 2 Mind (program co-founded by Glenn Close) -Selected by the APA (American Psychological Association) as 1 of 25 psychology teachers last summer to take part in a week-long workshop through a partnership with Oregon State University and Dr. David G. Myers 2019. -Previously a long term substitute and student teacher at Animo (Green Dot charter) schools in Los Angeles. -Previously a teaching assistant, long term substitute teacher and regional lunch program coordinator for San Diego County Office of Education Juvenile Court and Community Schools. Amy's Top Tips For Parents Navigating Home Schooling: 1. Give yourself a break - education is a career that takes years to prepare for and more years to perfect. It will not happen over night and its ok to have doubts or want to give up when it gets tough - we do too sometimes! Family and health come first and this is new ground for everybody - we will find the best fit together as we navigate distance learning and a new normal. Making learning accessible to all is the ultimate goal. 2. Give your scholars a break - in addition to missing out on all of the social activities that make school memorable, they are experiencing disruptions and changes that will take them time to adapt to. You can support them by being patient, giving them space to learn, and helping them craft a daily schedule that keeps them mentally and physically well first so that they are able to prioritize learning next. 3. There is power in numbers - teachers and districts have a wealth of information and resources being offered during this pandemic that you can also benefit from. Please don't be afraid to ask teachers for help, utilize their office hours, or find out what your student's textbook publisher is offering. While there is a sense of information overload, there are very organized efforts to bring technology to each students home and to make sure every student is fed despite social distancing. Socials are on private for work - let me know if you need access Instagram: @mrs.bonwell Twitter: @AmyBonwell

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