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Free Speech & The Effects of Cancel Culture

Solveig Gold, a senior research assistant at Princeton's James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions and PhD candidate in classics at the University of Cambridge, joins Dr. Phil to discuss free speech and the effects of cancel culture. Gold and Dr. Phil discuss her relationship with Dr. Joshua Katz, and why she says he went from one of the most popular professors at Princeton to a pariah. New episodes drop Tuesdays.


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  • "Overnight, Joshua went from the most popular professor at Princeton to a pariah.” Solveig Gold

  • "All the allegations against him were simply untrue." Solveig Gold

  • "The number one rule, though, of cancel culture is do not apologize."Solveig Gold

  • "Most of his colleagues knew about the consensual relationship and didn't necessarily seem to have a problem with that. Their problem was with his words on anti-racism.” Solveig Gold

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Princeton fires tenured professor over his relationship with a student - but he claims he's being punished for speaking out on university's woke plans to give black staff higher salaries and more sabbatical time. READ MORE HERE:

The Disgraceful Firing of Joshua T. Katz READ MORE HERE:


Princeton Fed Me to the Cancel Culture Mob

~May 24,2022 Wall Street Journal

  • Source:

  • The university claims it fired me for a long-past offense—for which I was already punished—but the truth should worry everyone.

  • Nearly two years ago, I wrote in these pages, “I survived cancellation at Princeton.” I was wrong. The university where I taught for nearly a quarter of a century, and which promoted me to the tenured ranks in 2006, has revoked my tenure and dismissed me. Whoever you are and whatever your beliefs, this should terrify you.

  • The issues around my termination aren’t easy to summarize. What is nearly impossible to deny (though Princeton does deny it) is that I have been subjected to “cultural double jeopardy,” with the university relitigating a long-past offense—I had a consensual relationship with a 21-year-old student—for which I was already suspended for a year without pay well over a decade after my offense. This was, I emphasize, a violation of an internal university rule, not a Title IX matter or any other crime.

  • Why would one of the country’s leading educational institutions do this to a successful faculty member who once made a grave mistake, admitted to this mistake as soon as he was investigated for it and served his time without complaint?

  • Unfortunately, the current environment makes the question all too easy to answer: In the summer of George Floyd, certain opinions about the state of America that would have been considered normal only a few months earlier suddenly became anathema.

  • For better or worse, I was the first on campus to articulate some of these opinions, publicly criticizing a number of “antiracist” demands, some of them clearly racist and illegal, that hundreds of my colleagues had signed on to in an open letter to the administration in early July 2020.

Finding Refuge at the University of Dallas

~May 18, 2022, ~First Things

  • Read Full Story:

  • How often do you have brunch with your students?”

  • An undergraduate at the University of Dallas asked me this, cheerfully and innocently, on a recent Saturday morning. I was visiting the university to deliver a lecture, and this student had invited me to brunch. I joined him in a run-down but much-loved apartment in Irving, Texas, together with fifteen or so other UD students, a few recent alumni, two babies of recent alumni, and a distinguished historian on the faculty.

  • Laid out on the table before us, below a picture of an armadillo (we were in the Lone Star State) and an Irish flag (two of the residents of the apartment have Celtic blood and a name to show for it), was a fine spread: sausages, a yummy frittata, coffee and pound cake, orange juice and prosecco, and (as a nod to my Oxford education, I was told) marmalade.

  • My immediate reaction to the student’s question was to laugh. Then I began to tear up. The simple answer is that I never have brunch with my students anymore. For one thing, I don’t have any students now that Princeton University, which recently branded me a racist, no longer permits me to teach while it “relitigate[s] incidents from years earlier that ha[ve] already been adjudicated” (to quote Anne Applebaum).

  • Even if I were still properly employed in academia, however, I probably wouldn’t be having brunch with my students. And if, somehow, I were having brunch with them anyway, it certainly couldn’t be in a private residence and it certainly couldn’t involve prosecco. It is 2022, after all, and every action and every word, every smile and every joke, every against-the-grain remark and every allusion to the founding fathers is liable to cause offense.


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