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Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin

Dr. Phil answers psychological questions about the war in Ukraine and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He also digs into implicit bias.

“When you’re dealing with an autocratic situation, you’re dealing with an individual without checks and balances,” Dr. Phil says.


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  • "Putin believes he's the victim here."

  • "Putin believes that he is a savior of the Russian people."

  • "Russia the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. Some sources say, they have close to 6,000 nuclear warheads."

  • "Trust me the United States government has a department that does nothing but study Vladimir Putin every time he's on camera."

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Vladimir Putin: Body Language Reveals REAL Anger To Ukraine and USA

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Ukraine UN Ambassador Shares Texts Russian Soldier Sent

Moments Before Dying: 'Mama, This Is So Hard'

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Membro desconhecido
31 de mai.

Understanding Vladimir Putin requires a nuanced approach that considers his personal history, political beliefs, and strategic objectives. His actions are often driven by a combination of nationalism, pragmatism, and a desire to reassert Russia's power on the global stage. Scratch Geometry Dash


I completely agree with your assessment and will further go out on a limb to say, yes, this man will not lose this war no matter the cost. Oliver Stone recommended this article to explain the situation in Ukraine. We must find a way for Putin to save face, ‘rescue’ the people who asked for his help and diffuse this situation. He doesn’t have to win the war, he just can’t lose it. That’s the angle, it’s end game time.


Dear Dr. Phil: I have not listened to this yet but would like to think that perhaps you might investigate Dr. Fauci and Covid before moving on to Putin. I direct you to a book written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. titled The Real Anthony Fauci. It is a MUST read in my opinion. Inside the cover are the names of many dedicated professionals who have the REAL Data information to share. You need to flip this pancake over before we all get burned. Thanks

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