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Joseph Raymond Lucero

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Joseph Raymond Lucero Actor - Neron 'Creeper' Vargas Sons of Anarchy spin-off series Mayans M.C.

Joseph Raymond made his acting debut in the 2006 film Gridiron Gang. He was featured in the 2007 documentary Fr. G and the Homeboys. He has appeared in episodes of the television series ER, The Shield, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, and Shameless. He is presently cast as “Creeper” in the Sons of Anarchy spin-off series Mayans MC, which will air its third season September 2020.

I met Father Greg over 15 years ago in the California Youth Authority. I wasn't ready to change. Then I went to prison and Father Greg came to visit me in 2001 and offered me a job and I came home April 8th, 2003. I look back now and I wish I respected what I had then as much as I do now, but it was so exciting. Now I'm here. - Joseph Raymond Lucero

(Bio from Homeboy Industries) Born in 1977 in San Diego. A third-generation gang member whose parents, brothers, and uncles also struggled with heroin addiction, Joseph Raymond's troubles with the law began at the age of nine. He was in youth detention and later California state prison for twelve of his first 26 years. When his son was born while he was in state prison, Joseph made the decision to stop gang-banging. He became active with the 12-step program Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous (CGA), which became foundational to his efforts to leave his former life behind. In 2003 Joey was released on parole and had the opportunity to prove that he could make it as a father and contributing member of the community. Father Greg Boyle offered him a job at Homeboy Industries, and he utilized his CGA experience to do outreach and speaking for Homeboy that change is possible. Through telling his story, Joey has been able to help bring awareness to the issues facing the formerly incarcerated.

Homeboy Industries began in 1988 and has evolved into the largest gang intervention, rehab and re-entry program in the world.

 9,000 people enter a year seeking to transform their lives

 Flagship 18 month re-entry program is offered to over 400 men and women each year.

 Approximately two-thirds of senior staff are graduates of this program.

 Focus on healing and job training

 Breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma


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