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Justin Paperny: College Admissions Scam and Federal Sentencing

Justin Paperny Joins Dr. Phil

Justin Paperny Phil(s) in the Blanks

  • Justin believes that the defendants in the college admissions cheating scandal are going to prison

  • Lead of and

  • Improves outcomes of the criminal justice system.

  • Works with people who have been targeted for prosecution, with lawyers who represent people charged with criminal misconduct, and with government agencies and private organizations

  • Justin calls the penal system ‘"the most self-defeating thing in the world."

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Twitter - @JustinPaperny

Instagram - @paperny_justin

EXCLUSIVE: Lori Loughlin's DAUGHTER is under criminal investigation in college admissions scandal, with prosecutors launching probe to see what she knew about her parents' faux-crew coup (more)

Felicity Huffman could serve time at home instead of prison after pleading guilty in the college admissions scandal and expressing 'deep regret and shame' for her actions (more)

Justin Paperny graduated from the University of Southern California and then built a career as a successful stockbroker. Some bad decisions led Justin into problems with the criminal justice system, including a felony conviction for violating securities laws. A federal judge sentenced Justin to serve an 18-month prison term.

While in prison, Justin made a commitment to make amends through daily, incremental action steps. He began documenting his journey, which resulted in two books:

Justin concluded his obligation to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 2009. Upon his release, he built White Collar Advice, a business to help others that face challenges with the criminal justice system. His techniques have helped more than 100,000 people get best outcomes after they’ve been charged by prosecutors.

National media outlets including ABC News, CNBC, NBC News, Forbes, Fox News, CNN, The Washington Post and others regularly feature Justin’s inspiring story of success after struggle. In June 2015, NBC Universal aired, My Deal With The Devil, a 60-minute show that profiled Justin’s story.

His latest work includes Living Deliberately a book to help small business owners and entrepreneurs that want to use digital media strategies to find more customers.

Any member of Dr. Phil’s audience can get copies of Justin’s book by clicking the links above, or by sending an email to

Dr. Phil talks to Justin's mother.


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I am enjoying all the podcasts so much! I also love the diversity of topics! Justin Paperny was so interesting. Keep it all coming!

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