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Ken Solomon - Rally For Good

Triggering your imagination

Ken Solomon Phil's in the Blanks

Career Highlights

At 19 years old, Ken started as an intern in the research department of TV syndication business on at Paramount

Ken tells story about how he dressed starting out with Gucci Loafers

Greg Meidel guided him to first “real” job

Came up through syndication and then went to network

Content is King: Television Then and Now

What makes Ken feel good about the new media?

1. This is a people business

2. You have to be entertaining... fundamentally the art of it isn’t going away

“Encore Telecast”

1. Relentless pursuit of best talent we can get to do it

2. It’s just hard to know where to go now a days to find things...

Tennis Channel is the opposite of forced scarcity

The Future of Sports Betting/Gambling

“ Fantasies are a big part of what we do on the air during the US Open.”

Be The Change In The World: 4 things in common among mass shooters since 1966

1. Childhood trauma

2. Personal crisis at the time

3. Examples that validate their feelings

4. Access to a firearm

DP 80% of school shooters tell someone what they are going to do and when

70% tell two or more

If you see something, say something and do something - Dr. Phil

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