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Measure All Actions Based on Results and All Thoughts Based on Rationality

Dr. Phil explores principle four of his ten principles for a healthy society: "Measure All Actions Based on Results and All Thoughts Based on Rationality" from his new book, “We’ve Got Issues: How You Can Stand Strong for America’s Soul and Sanity.” Dr. Phil speaks with Dan Ariely, Dr. Deena Manion and Dr. Corey Yeager, and addresses living rationally, embracing the truth, and cognitive behavior therapy as a reality check. Available now: 

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EP214: Measure All Actions Based on Results and All Thoughts Based on Rationality

If you distort your perception, silence that little voice that's whispering warnings, or lie to yourselfeven by omissionyou can defeat yourself in life. -Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D.


How frequently do you question or measure whether your behavior patterns, projects and pursuits in life are working or not? (This is not based on your opinion or perception, but on measurable outcomes.)

Poll Question

  • Always

  • Very Often

  • Sometimes

  • Never

What proportion of your decisions would you say you make based on emotional reactions (versus logical or rational analysis)?

Poll Question

  • All of them

  • Most of them

  • A handful of them

  • None of them

[00:01:35] Stages of Readiness and True Change

Dr. Phil describes the four stages of readiness for change, highlighting that significant transformation only happens when someone reaches the fourth stage. This stage is marked by a deep personal commitment to change regardless of external difficulties or fears. The speaker highlights the concept of personal truth, and explains how beliefs about oneself shape one's experiences and outcomes. To produce better life results, individuals must repair a damaged personal truth by forgiving themselves and engaging in behaviors that lead to success.

[00:10:32]: Decision Making, Irrationality, and Choice Architecture

Dr. Phil and Dan Ariely discuss the irrationality of decision-making and how environments and choice architecture influence individuals significantly, often more than their own willpower or intentions. They reveal the unsettling truth that many decisions are shaped by external factors like marketing and social structures rather than personal choice. Environmental defaults often dictate people's choices. Anecdotal examples from health industries demonstrate how the intentional design of choice architecture can significantly impact decisions and behaviors.

[00:32:29]: Approaches to Mental Health and Education in School

Dr. Phil and Dr. Deena Manion touch on the mental health approaches in educational settings, highlighting the need for programs that teach coping skills for anxiety, bullying, and other trials faced by students. They discuss the importance of incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy and coping strategies into school curricula. This approach could empower students to handle adversity more effectively and could provide critical insight into mental health for educators.

[00:42:04]: The Power of Self-Reflection and Self-Preservation

Dr. Phil and Dr. Corey Yeager focus on individual empowerment and delves into the importance of self-reflection and prioritizing oneself to be able to support and aid others effectively. Self-care is promoted as a non-negotiable element for individual wellness and the ability to care for others. Acknowledging personal achievements in the journey toward self-betterment can put you on the road to embracing your own personal truth.


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