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Mike Bayer Goes LIVE With 'Best Self'

Mike Bayer Joins Dr. Phil LIVE

Mike Bayer Phil(s) in the Blanks

  • New York Times best-selling author of Best Self: Be You, Only Better

  • Best Selves vs Anti Selves

  • Best Self Challenge

  • Action-oriented steps for how to become your best self

  • How easy it is to get an opioid prescription

  • Most addictive substances

  • Navigating through thoughts of suicide

  • "Leakage" - students and mass shootings

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Mike Bayer, known as Coach Mike, is founder and CEO of CAST Centers, the go-to clinic for artists, athletes, executives, and anyone who wants to live more authentically, successfully, and joyfully. Bayer is a Life Coach whose mission is to help people achieve their goals to become their best selves. He is the New York Times bestselling author of BEST SELF: BE YOU, ONLY BETTER (Dey Street Books). Mike is also the creator of the CAST Foundation, which raises awareness to promote cultural and social changes that destigmatize mental health issues. In addition, Bayer is a member of Dr. Phil McGraw’s advisory board and makes frequent appearances on the Dr. Phil Show as Coach Mike.

. . . you can reach your goals. And even if you’re not yet sure what it is you want to change, but just know you aren’t currently living your ideal life, together, we can find your goal and get you there. - Mike Bayer

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