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Navigating Threats in the Digital World

Dr. Phil and his esteemed guests dive into the ominous landscape of the internet, exploring the surge in illicit activities, scams, and cyber threats. They focus on revenge porn, the dark web, and online fraud, where dangers lurk behind every click.

As we navigate the complex web of cyber threats, Dr. Phil aims to equip you with insights to protect yourself and your loved ones in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Join us in the quest for a safer online world.

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James McGibney, a dedicated cybersecurity expert describes his mission to combat these digital menaces and his efforts in dismantling illicit sites and providing support to victims.

Scams! Navigating Threats in the Digital World

Attorneys Laura McNeal, Tracy Siska, Steve Greenberg, and Exavier B. Pope - discuss the “confidence man” the con man, and the scams they run on the internet targeting children and seniors. They dive into navigating threats in the digital world.

Derek Maltz, former director of DEA Special Operations, and Tim Mackey, CEO of S-3 Research, dive into the fentanyl crisis and how drug dealers are targeting children on the internet with deadly results.

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras takes us through addiction involving technology and how the brain changes with sleep deprivation and balancing screen time for children.

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Dec 12, 2023

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