Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Phil in the Blanks

  • Principle of Reciprocity - Until you begin to live with dignity, respect, and emotional integrity, you will not have that quality and level of interaction with anyone else. You cannot give away what you do not have. Relationships are not 50/50. That's one of the biggest myths of relationships. Relationships are 100/ 100. That means you have to look at yourself as 100% responsible for your own destiny.

  • Drop Dead Deal Makers. Choose to define your image so that you distinguish yourself from anyone else in the world.

  • Core Consciousness: Getting back in touch with your core of consciousness will remind and convince you that there is nothing wrong with you that justifies your having less than a rewarding relationship in which you can live, love, and laugh every day of your life.

  • We are each a life manager with 1 client- I think everyone of us is a life manager. We have a client list of one your life manager just as I am. I'm a life manager. I got one client. That's Phil.

  • Drop Dead Deal Breakers in a Relationship

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