Robin McGraw

Dr. Phil Celebrates 43rd Wedding Anniversary With Robin On ‘Phil In The Blanks’

Robin McGraw Phil(s) in the Blanks

  • The first moment Robin knew Dr. Phil was “The One”

  • $99 wedding dress

  • When Robin knew Dr. Phil would change the world

  • Robin’s work as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and best-selling author

  • Dr. Phil from being okay not having kids to being putty in their hands

  • Raising Jay and Jordan

  • Family traditions and rituals

  • The moment Dr. Phil felt helpless

  • Parenting

  • Face Time/Videos with Erica, Avery, London, Jay and Jordan

  • Loss of parents and siblings

  • Dr. Phil’s biggest regret

  • Being grandparents

  • The best anniversary gift they ever got for each other

  • Biggest favor Robin did for Dr. Phil

  • Living in the public eye

  • “I’ve Got A Secret”

  • Robin’s relationship advice

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