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Squatters: Battling For Your Home

Dr. Phil discusses the unsettling scenario of coming back from vacation to find squatters occupying one's home, highlighting the complexity and frustrations of dealing with squatters legally. Anti-Squatter Activist and Squatter Hunter, Flash Shelton, shares how he effectively removed squatters from his mother’s house within a day, and Texas Real Estate Attorney Mark Girling provides his expertise in eviction law. Learn the importance of knowing one's rights and the challenges you may face as a homeowner in some states where laws are not favorable towards evicting squatters.

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EP226 - Squatters: Battling For Your Home

[00:00:00] Squatters: Battling For Your Home: Flash Shelton, anti-squatter activist and squatter hunter, shares his personal story about how squatters occupied his mother’s house in Northern California after his father's death. Despite reporting the intrusion to the sheriff, he was told there was little legal action that could be taken without evidence of breaking and entering.



The conversation goes into the process of eviction and the legal implications, touching on how problematic it is when the court gets involved. Flash talks about the need for a good strategy and support from law enforcement to execute a quick resolution.



Dr. Phil, Flash and Mark Girling discuss how the law treats disputes differently when both parties have tenant rights. They address how gaining possession quickly and documenting everything can provide an advantage in subsequent legal battles over the property.



Flash and Mark offer practical advice to homeowners on how to protect their properties, including the use of surveillance systems, alarm systems, and maintaining an appearance of occupancy. They also touch on specific precautions for Airbnb hosts to avoid becoming victims of squatters.

Dr. Phil wraps up the discussion on the importance of not resorting to vigilante tactics and encourages people to use the proper legal channels.

Flash Shelton, Squatter Hunter and Anti-Squatter Activist:

In 2019 Squatters took over his Moms house after the passing of his Father. Flash did what everyone typically does and he called law enforcement to report a break in and was told that they had moved furniture in and were living in the house therefore they were considered Squatters and it was a civil matter and would have to be done in civil court. Flash had heard nightmare stories and didn’t want any part of that process so he started his research and came up with a plan to get Squatters out in less than a day.

Marc Girling, Managing Attorney, Girling Law, PLLC: Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Girling enjoyed a successful career in the mortgage industry. Expert on the legal aspects of eviction, tenant rights, and landlord responsibilities.

Serial Squatters Heather and William Schwab:

Dallas-Fort Worth eviction attorney Marc Girling was cited in CBS’ latest article on ‘serial squatters’.

 “Squatter Intervention” Adam Fleischman Umami Burger Founder found Squatting on Widow “Her fault”


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