Strategies for Success: Living in the Age of COVID-19

Updated: Oct 14, 2021


Strategies For Success: Living In The Age Of COVID-19


Dr. Phil talks about what to look for if you or someone you know is thinking of suicide.

I've seen a troubling number of references both directly and indirectly to people that are thinking about suicide. They're just feeling lost. They say, "you know, it seems like I'm overwhelmed by this."

If you're thinking about ending your own life, please don't because I can tell you there are people out here that care about you. I have talked with so many people that have attempted to take their lives and failed. In fact 94% of the people that attempt to take their lives fail. They're so glad they did fail. They're so glad they did because things get better. What seems like such an insurmountable hill to climb at the time doesn't seem that way later. The mood passes. Time passes and things turn around. If you're around someone that's talking about it take it seriously. people who talk about it in fact do it. If you see them searching the Internet for ways to end their life or they are withdrawing from you, telling people goodbye, giving away all their prized possessions-- take it seriously and listen.

Suicide Hotline uses that. These people won't do anything that embarrasses them. They won't ask you to identify yourself. They won't come kick your door down and make you go to some psychiatric facility. They will listen to you. They will answer your questions. They will help people. There are answers.

Loneliness is one of the biggest things that can cause people to feel depressed and anxious. That's where you're left alone with your thoughts. I always tell people I don't like to hang around in my head.