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Susan Constantine: Leading Body Language Expert in Human Behavior

Susan Constantine Phil(s) in the Blanks

  • Breaks down how Dr. Phil audience reads him

  • Breaks down Bill Cosby’s mugshot and Christine Ford’s Testimony

  • Susan Looks For Deceptive language – liars appeal to your logic, often using words to remove them out of the event. Every word is important because the subject selects them, it’s unconscious and provides a wealth of information.

  • Clusters

  • Decoding gestures

  • Lying

  • Cognitive load

  • Verbal and nonverbal cues

  • Why Kids Lie

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Research has proven that verbal and nonverbal cues can reveal ones true intentions. Through the development of customized body language training programs, participants will be equipped to make better judgments. These body language skills aid in assessing credibly, truth and deceptive behavior in the field. - Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine is the world’s leading authority on body language in relation to leadership and deception detection and is one of the most sought-after human behavior experts.

Constantine’s more than 14 years’ experience analyzing jurors, witnesses and suspects has solidified her stellar reputation as a leading expert in reading body language and facial expressions of emotions in the legal community and as a media consultant.

Constantine holds a MPsy in leadership coaching psychology and is the author and founder of The Human Behavior Lab, LLC.

Recently, she invented the first-ever patented emotion response artificial intelligence technology (The Jury Lab) that reads human emotions during mock trial and focus groups.

She has also been published in the Washington Post, Capitol Hill, New York Times, and the New York Post, and appeared in several film documentaries analyzing suspects in high profile cases.

Professionally, she has trained The Department of Defense Inspector General, federal court judges, attorneys, law firms and corporations.

A leading national trainer for reading facial expressions, body language, and statement analysis to detect deception.

Author: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reading Body Language – Alpa a Division of Penguin Publishing (2013). Evaluating Truthfulness continuing legal education training DVD and workbook for attorneys, judges and mediators.

Susan Breaks It Down

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