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The Aftermath: Ebrahim Raisi and Propaganda

Dr. Phil and guest Elica Le Bon, an attorney and Iranian-American activist, address significant global events, including the Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter crash, anti-Semitic activities on prestigious U.S. campuses, and the role of alleged pro-Hamas student organizations.

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EP222 - The Aftermath: Ebrahim Raisi and Propaganda

[0:00] Ebrahim Raisi Helicopter Crash

[38:10 - 20:21:16] Islamic Propaganda Machine

[20:22:09 - 31:54:03] Islamic Influence on Campuses

[31:54:03 - 42:46:14] Creating Awareness

[42:47:00 – 54:13:17] Staying The Course


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2 days ago

Dr. Phil and guest Elica Le Bon delve into important global issues, such as the recent helicopter crash involving Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, incidents cookie clicker 2 of anti-Semitism on prominent U.S. campuses, and the alleged involvement of pro-Hamas student organizations.


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