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The Four Essentials Of Modern-Day Parenting With Dr. Charles Sophy

The Four Essentials Of Modern-Day Parenting With Dr. Charles Sophy. Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy joins Dr. Phil on his Phil in the Blanks podcast to share parenting tips from his new book, Family Values: Reset Trust, Boundaries, and Connection With Your Child.

“If you put your child first, your needs will be met,” Dr. Sophy says. “Where you came from doesn’t mean that’s where you have to stay.” Dr. Sophy reveals the four essentials of modern-day parenting, the five letters that can fix any family, how to parent with a new lens, and more.

Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy joins Dr. Phil to share parenting tips from his new book Family Values. Find out the four essentials of modern-day parenting, the five letters that can fix a family, how to parent with a new lens, and more.


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An essential modern parenting guide for restoring trust and security to your home life from renowned psychiatrist and Dr. Phil Show regular, Dr. Charles Sophy. Over the last twenty years, Dr. Charles Sophy has been a staple on The Dr. Phil Show, where he has guided and coached millions of people begging for assistance with parenting their children. From conflict resolution to substance dependence, Dr. Sophy is the one with the answers. Now, in Family Values, Dr. Sophy has written a guide to rebuilding parent/child relationships to be stronger than ever. Structured around four essential strengths of relationship—trust, shared beliefs, family history, and forgiveness—this book will hit on the hot topics that Dr. Sophy gets asked most frequently for help on, including: -Dealing with power shifts/struggles -Defensive vs. offensive parenting styles -Building/rebuilding your parenting foundation -Eliminating the intergenerational cycle of parental neglect and abuse With compassion and clarity, Dr. Sophy shows how to break free of generational wounds and learn how to create safety, stability, and permanence for your children.

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Dr. Sophy is a frequent contributor to Dr. Phil, Today, The View, CNN, MSNBC, Dateline and more. Now you can TEXT LIVE with Dr. Sophy from inside his new interactive app! When you need instant therapy, a quick answer or help solving an immediate issue, you can TEXT LIVE with Dr. Sophy! Watch exclusive videos ONLY SEEN on Dr. Sophy’s new app where Dr. Sophy Answers your questions about Parenting, Teens, Relationships, Disorders and more! Need a therapist right now? There’s an app for that!


My philosophy is simple: Parenting begins with you, not your child. Putting yourself first in the parenting equation may seem strange, yet it is intuitive. Think of it this way: On an airplane, in case of emergency, you must first secure the oxygen mask on yourself. Once you are able to breathe, you can then secure the mask on your child. So it is with parenting. Only after you are balanced and secure, can you then offer balance and security to your child. It really is that simple. You first.

Everyday I hear the same concern from parents: “I don’t understand why my child is behaving this way.” My response is always the same: “Before I can figure out the problem or issue with your child, I must first spend time with you, the parent.” By learning about the parent first—both strengths and weaknesses—I am able to help them balance their own lives. There is no doubt that a parent with a balanced life, both physically and mentally, is a better parent. A parent more equipped to be a loving and healthy role model for their child. You owe it to your child to be the best possible you. Parenting really does begin with you.

S: SLEEP Are you getting enough quantity and quality of sleep? When you wake up do you feel good?

W: WORK Are you fulfilled enough at work, even if staying home is your work, to be happy at the end of the day?

E: EATING Are you using food to stay healthy and energetic? Is mealtime a time for relaxation and communication?

E: EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION Do you let the important people in your life know how you are feeling? Do you allow yourself physical and emotional intimacy?

P: PLAY Are you letting yourself enjoy life? Do you have a way to let go of worry and direct your energy to a positive place?

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