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The Future Of America With Bakari Sellers

At just 22 years old, Bakari Sellers defeated a 26-year incumbent state representative to become the youngest member of the South Carolina state legislature and the youngest African-American elected official in the nation. Sellers, who was considered to be a rising star within the Democratic Party and is now a leading voice for his generation, joins Dr. Phil to discuss the future of America. Hear what Sellers, who has followed in the footsteps of his father, civil rights leader Dr. Cleveland Sellers, and champions progressive policies to address issues ranging from education and poverty to preventing domestic violence and childhood obesity, says about the divisiveness of the country. Plus, he discusses his new book, Who Are Your People? New episodes drop Tuesdays. Listen and subscribe.


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  • "It's a big question thematically. We've never dealt with the issue of race in this country, which is the root of our divisiveness." Bakari Sellers

  • "It's hard to find news anymore where somebody doesn't have an agenda that they brought to the desk. And so they're running it through their filter, which I resent, frankly." Dr. Phil

  • "There's nothing worse, Dr. Phil, than when you're on TV and you get in your ear or producer saying the president has just tweeted, we're going to go to that." Bakari Sellers

  • "The emergence of social media in news, there has been a focus on being first and not being right, which is posed a problem. Everybody wants to be the first to the story and people don't care necessarily about being right in the story." Bakari Sellers

  • "I think that for a country that has a true question mark on the value of certain lives and the benefit of humanity. I stand on the resolve that if we did nothing after Sandy Hook, we won't do anything now." Bakari Sellers

  • "I'm just a firm believer that we just have to make sure that we create that equity and create that opportunity." Bakari Sellers

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Who Are Your People?

  • This inspiring picture book is a tribute to the family and community that help make us who we are.

  • When you meet someone for the first time, they might ask, "Who are your people?" and "Where are you from?"

  • Children are shaped by their ancestors, and this book celebrates the village it takes to raise a child.

  • In the vein of I Am Enough and Eyes That Kiss in the Corners, this powerful picture book with beautiful illustrations by Reggie Brown is a joyful recognition of the people and places that help define young readers and adults alike.



WHO ARE YOUR PEOPLE Author: Bakari Sellers

Illustrated by: Reggie Brown

Publisher: Quill Tree Books

Published: January 11, 2022

  • Pg: xi: Historical Figures who appear in the book:

  • Pp.8-9 - Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Stacey Abrams, Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Pg.11: Harriet Tubman

  • P17: President Barack Obama

  • P18: Serena Williams, Jackie Robinson, Kamala Harris, John Lewis

  • P19: A Buffalo Soldier

  • The artist used a little Malcolm (X), a bit of Martin (Kind), and a lot of Marvin (Gaye) to create the illustrations for this book.

  • Pg.6: A picture of a father walking in “Remembrance Park” with his two children.

  • Pg. 7: When you meet someone for the first time, they might ask “Who are your people?” and “Where are you from?”

  • Pg. 8: Father and kids looking up in the sky at pictures of Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou

  • Pg. 9: Pictures of Stacey Abrams, Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Pg. 10: A picture of a father, wife and three children in a forest

  • Pg. 11: Harriet Tubman leading the family to a safe place

  • Pg.11: “You should always be proud of who you are. Your people were strong and smart. They dreamed of things not yet seen and imagined that we could all be free.”

  • Pg.12: “Your people were fighters. When they were told they had to leave because of their skin, they sat down.”

  • Pg. 13: - Picture of three kids sitting in a diner while food was being thrown at them and people were yelling.

  • Pg. 14: “Your people were mighty activists, champions that struggled for justice and equality. They marched so that people would know your life matters.

  • Pg. 15: Black people marching holding signs “I Am A Man”

  • Pg. 16: A father carrying his daughter on his shoulders and son son by his side

  • Pg. 16: “And they stood up and ran to make history and change lives”

  • Pg 17- Barack Obama at the podium making a speech with “Hope” and “Vote Obama” signs around him.

  • Pg. 18: “Your people were trailblazers who changed laws and broke records

  • Pg. 18: Pictures of Serena Will