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'The War On Drugs': Clayton English and Greg Glod

Lava for Good’s The War on Drugs podcast exposes the real-world consequences of five decades of America’s failed war on drugs. Co-hosts comedian Clayton English and Greg Glod, senior criminal justice fellow at Americans for Prosperity, join Dr. Phil on this episode of Phil in the Blanks to talk about this complicated period of US history, showing how the War on Drugs has fueled over-incarceration, exacerbated addiction, and hampered economic progress. New episodes of Phil in the Blanks drop Tuesdays. Listen and subscribe today!



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  • Dr. Phil McGraw: The absurdity of the real world consequences of 50 years of our failed war on drugs. How the war on drugs has really fueled over incarceration, has actually exacerbated addiction, and come at a very high cost economically.

  • Dr. Phil McGraw: Drug addiction is a disease. It's a serious disease. It is resistant to treatment, It is subject to relapse, and it can be fatal*.

  • Clayton English: People's lives have been taken apart by this this war on drugs. The War on Drugs has destroyed a lot of black families, a lot of families, period. I've seen it unravel people's lives.

  • Dr. Phil McGraw: A lot of those people that were criticizing addicts in the past are now among them because of this opioid crisis. I've never yet met anybody that told me they started doing drugs because they wanted to become an addict.

  • Dr. Phil McGraw: What's been wrong with the approach and where did it go wrong? How did this become a war instead of a partnership?

  • Clayton English: It's not a war on drugs. It's a war on people. If it was a war on drugs, you would stop the drugs from coming in.

  • Greg Glod: I have kind of the nerdy policy chops. And then Clayton has this amazing, you know, lived experience and intelligence and advocacy on this issue.

  • Dr. Phil McGraw: Is this is it a racial thing? Is it origin? Is it unemployment? What is it that is driving this epidemic in America? And why have they missed the mark so much in their policy approach to this?

  • Greg Glod: I think the common denominator that you see throughout this we're taking this criminal justice approach to stop this behavior that we don't want to see, rather than making it a health issue where I think that's where a lot of places are missing the mark.

  • Dr. Phil McGraw: We're not going to arrest our way out of this.


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Lava For Good: The War On Drugs

Clayton English

Greg Glod


Listen Now To The War On Drugs On:

Greg Glod (Left) and Clayton English (Right)

In 1971, President Nixon declared drug abuse ‘public enemy number one’— the first salvo in America’s War on Drugs. Fifty years later, with drug overdoses in the US at a record high, are we any closer to ‘victory’? The War on Drugs has a more profound effect on society than any of us really understands. It is embedded in the fabric of our culture and permeates our daily lives in visible and invisible ways – perhaps the most daunting pandemic we face.

Lava for Good’s The War on Drugs podcast, co-hosted by comedian Clayton English and Greg Glod, senior criminal justice fellow at Americans for Prosperity, examines the true cost of five decades of policy, policing, and persecution. Special guests, including diverse subject matter experts, peel back the surface of this complicated period of US history, showing the ways the War on Drugs has fueled over incarceration, exacerbated addiction and hampered economic progress. By shining a spotlight on how our communities have crumbled under the weight of this so-called ‘war,’ we can explore the politicization of public health policy, institutional racism and classism in the legislation and administration of criminal law, and how decriminalization and other alternatives could bring the fruitless ‘war’ to an end.

About Greg Glod:

Greg Glod is the senior criminal justice policy fellow for Americans for Prosperity and Advisor to Stand Together on Criminal Justice and Drug Reform. As the son of a former Secret Service agent, Glod has always had a deep respect for law enforcement. He began his legal career as a law clerk for the Honorable Judge Laura S. Ripken on the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Maryland before practicing at a litigation firm in Annapolis, Maryland.

During his time as a litigator, Glod saw the need for criminal justice reform to correct the ways the system is broken — particularly when it comes to the failed war on drugs. He changed directions in his career, joining Right on Crime and the Texas Public Policy Foundation as the director of state initiatives for criminal justice. In 2017, Glod was named to the Forbes “30 Under 30” List for Law and Policy. Now based in Arlington, VA, Glod continues to work to advance federal and state criminal justice reform, focusing on issues such as addressing the consequences of the drug war and providing second chances to those who have gone through the criminal justice system.

About Clayton English:

Clayton English is a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer who exploded onto the national scene in 2015 as the winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He has opened for comedy greats including Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr, and headlined clubs, colleges, and festivals throughout the country. In 2017, he released his debut comedy album, All the Same.

Clayton is also no stranger to television, having made his late-night standup debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers and appearing on popular shows including Hawkeye on Disney+, LOVE on Netflix, AP Bio, Brooklyn 99, Unprotected Sets on EPIX, Comedy Knockout, Netflix is a Joke, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Wild ‘N Out, as well as Will Smith’s popular Snapchat series Will from Home. He also starred in the Comedy Central web series, Dope Movies. His writing credits include AP BIO, Wild N Out, and the 2020 BET Awards hosted by The 85 South Show.

The Atlanta-born comic has frequently featured war on drugs in his act, from getting pulled over for marijuana to his skepticism about drug dogs. Using humor to drive home the failures of U.S. drug policy, he hopes to spark compassion, educate people, and inspire them to action.


18th and 21st Amendments:

Thirty Years of America's Drug War: Late 1960's-2000

A Gradual Dialing Back:

New Administration, New Opportunities

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