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Upgrade Your Playbook For Life: Living By Design, Part Six

If you are going to win at life, you need a playbook, Dr. Phil says. On this week’s Phil in the Blanks podcast, he teaches you how to be a winner in life.

“One of the things you’ve got to stop doing is talking to people who cannot say yes,” Dr. Phil says.

Living By Design Playbook 2023

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The Playbook

“Life is a game – and you will either be a player or be the one played, Yesterday’s rules and expectations about relationships, emotions and interacting simply don’t apply anymore, not like they used to … and those who figure that out and adapt to the current world will have an incredible edge.” Dr. Phil McGraw

Learn To Accept Praise

Learn to claim and accept praise, and acknowledge it in a gracious way, but do accept it. The goal is to get noticed and acknowledged for who you are and what you do.

Become Essential

If you want to succeed in any situation, it is important to be needed and good to be relied upon.

Know Your Real Currency

Don’t waste time working for what you don’t want.


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