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Author & Soldier Talks Returning To Battle

From video game nerd to squad commander in the Israeli Defense Forces, actor, stunt performer, screenwriter, and author Izzy Ezagui says he is the only soldier in the world to lose an arm in combat and return to the battlefield as a sharpshooter.

“The hard part was convincing the military to give me that opportunity because they were obviously reluctant to put someone in my situation back in a combat environment,” says Ezaugui.

This week he’s joining Dr. Phil to talk about his life and his book, Disarmed: Unconventional Lessons from the World's Only One-Armed Special Forces Shooter on the Phil in the Blanks podcast.


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  • "We're very resilient as human beings." Izzy Ezgaui

  • "You got to be who you are on purpose and that begins with finding that purpose." Dr. Phil

  • "I think that when we aren't really given a choice when we're back against the wall, we tend to find solutions very quickly." Izzy Ezgaui

  • "I think without dialogue, there's no way to get anything done.

  • "I'm coming to inspire and shed some positive light on a difficult experience that I faced on the other side of the world." Izzy Ezgaui

  • "People just aren't willing to talk to each other anymore." Izzy Ezgaui

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  • Izzy Ezagui, a decorated squad commander in the Israel Defense Forces, is the only soldier in the world who lost an arm in combat and returned to the battlefield.

  • In 2011, former President Shimon Peres awarded him one of Israel's highest military honors.

  • While he continues to serve in an elite unit in the reserves, Izzy delivers inspirational talks across the United States and internationally.

  • He’s here to talk about his book DISARMED: Unconventional Lessons From The Worlds only One-armed Special Forces Sharpshooter”. Welcome to Phil in the Blanks Izzy.


  • He's appeared on the Huffington Post, Al Jazeera America, and Fox News.

  • The Algemeiner chose Izzy as one of 100 people positively influencing Jewish life.

  • He also raises millions of dollars for hospitals, rehabilitation programs, and other charities, such as the Birthright Foundation.

  • He has worked with amputee organizations, schools, colleges, universities, hedge funds, and corporate events for companies such as Nike and Apple

  • Izzy had written, directed, and produce short “Good Head,”(2019) written and directed “Take What You Want” (Short 2018) and Pull Yourself Together (Short 2018)

  • He lives in Los Angeles, where he acts, writes screenplays, and wanders around with his dog, Punch

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