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Listener Questions: Dr. Phil's Hot Topics and Advice

Dr. Phil offers professional insights and personal advice on listeners' questions, designed to provoke thought and encourage action in the face of interpersonal challenges.

Discover why Dr. Phil advocates for equality of opportunity over preferential treatment, and understand how improved education and resources can level the playing field for all.

Gain insights on dealing with narcissistic family members and navigating complex mother-daughter relationships with patience and understanding. Plus, learn the importance of setting personal boundaries, effective communication across generations, and overcoming the influence of negative family dynamics. Join the conversation and empower yourself with tools for personal growth.

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EP218- The Facts: Dr. Phil's Hot Topics and Advice

Listener Questions and Advice: Question #1

Q: "As someone who works in the DEI space in higher Ed, I‘ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly from the inside- I think DEI needs to be fixed, not nixed. Do you all have thoughts? There aren’t enough meaningful convos about this!” Adding A photo of my dog to make friends wITH other dog lovers!

Listener Questions and Advice: Question #2

Q: PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES! AAAAHHH! I Just wanted to see if I was the only one frustrated about the possibilities for our next President. I would like to start a Write-in campaign to elect Dr. Phil McGraw for President!!! NOT KIDDING!!”

Listener Questions and Advice: Question #3 - #5

Q: "I have a family a non understanding family. Not to be blunt but just unorganized when it comes to boundaries..or anything...I have more." How do you get family members or people to respect your boundaries?

Q: A family full of Narcissists: "I have felt like the crazy one and that maybe I was the Narcissist and just couldn't see it. I asked my husband is it me? Can I not see it? ... He says it's not me and if it were I would never have even asked that question. I hope he's right."

Q: "Have I been dating a narcissist?"

Listener Questions and Advice: Question #6

Q: #nocontact Daughter: "Daughter wants "my negative" voice out of her head. My mothers voice is still in my head and I am over 60. Her interpretation of my voice is constant manipulation. What am I manipulating? What does manipulation mean in the brains of 20-SOMETHINGS? Any answer would help."


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