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Steve Harvey: Living Your Purpose

Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey celebrate their partnership at Merit Street Media and discuss the crucial role education and passion have in achieving success. Dr. Phil hints at the profound closed-door conversations and insights both he and Steve share privately. Harvey also details his goals for "The Steve Harvey Mentoring Program" (SHMP) and how it teaches the principles of manhood. The camp is designed for boys without fathers, and its objective is to teach life principles and inspire dreams. Learn the importance of guidance and ambition, particularly for those facing challenges and much more! For more information:

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EP215: Steve Harvey: Living Your Purpose

Nobody is without dreams and visions. But somewhere along that dream of vision, you're going to have a moment where you can either continue or you turn back. The sad truth of the matter is, too many people turn back. - Steve Harvey

[00:06:56] Reflections on Success and Overcoming Challenges

Steve Harvey shares personal stories illustrating his remarkable ascent from hardship to success, highlighting the power of faith and perseverance. Harvey offers a candid look at his reflections on life and the transformative power of gratitude.

[00:12:32]: Steve Harvey's Experience from Poverty to Stardom

Steve Harvey and Dr. Phil bond over shared experiences of overcoming adversity, which contributed to their resilience and success in their respective careers.

[00:23:00]: Authenticity, Confidence, and Engaging with Audiences

Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey delve into the backstory of Harvey's decision to host "Family Feud," highlighting how authenticity has fueled the show's success. Harvey also reflects on significant life decisions, such as his choice not to give up on his entertainment dreams at a momentous crossroads. Harvey shows true commitment to being genuine and the influential experiences of his life journey.

[00:34:14]: When "Philly" Calls You, You Say Yes!

Mr. Harvey describes the moment "Philly" to called him to join Merit Street Media.

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Click here "Channel Finder" or call (877) 844-3700. Real people standing by...

[00:19:05]: Steve Harvey's Efforts in Mentoring and Community Work

Steve Harvey passionately describes his mentoring camp designed for boys without fathers, explaining its objective to teach life principles and inspire dreams. The camp's impact on thousands of young men's lives exemplifies the importance of guidance and ambition, particularly for those facing challenges. Dr. Phil and Harvey explore the crucial role of education and passion in achieving success.


Fireside Chat On The Steve Harvey Network

  • In a world of deep fakes, this is a way for you to connect directly and authentically with Steve Harvey: 

  • Revolutionizing personal development

  • Provides a motivational interactive community built around giving you everything you need to elevate your life. 

  • Audiences are a part of the show/opportunity to speak directly w/ Steve, his celebrity friends and family and wellness experts from his “L’Evate You” community

Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp

  • SHMP Mentoring Camps are interactive programs that focus on manhood, personal responsibility, dream building, and the importance of nutrition and physical fitness. 

  • The participants are also introduced to positive male role models who are leaders in business, entertainment, the military, and their communities.

Girls Who Rule The World Mentoring Program:

Marjorie Harvey’s Girls Who Rule the World is designed to enhance young girls’ development through exposure to the benefits and importance of positive self-image, responsible conduct, respect for themselves and others, educational achievement, cultural enrichment, and mentoring.

Steve Harvey:


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Podcast Page: DrPhilintheBlanks 

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May 20

grateful to know the meaningful and inspiring stories of his rise to success thanks to his perseverance and strong belief in life. geometry dash subzero

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