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Communication Skills That Help You ‘Get What You Want’

Dr. Phil and Dr. Frank Luntz, USC professor and president of Frank I. Luntz and Associates, continue their conversation with a focus group of USC students on how to communicate more effectively – and how young people can work on their communication skills.

The doctors teach communication skills that help you “get what you want.” Plus, they address being canceled on campus, Dr. Phil has the students engage in a dyad exercise, and more.


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  • "I don't think it's so much a political issue. But it's a generational, generational issue. We have the attention span worse than a goldfish." - Student

  • "There's some commonality but I'm wondering if you consciously approach situations like this and make a distinction in your mind between, am I going to try and win an argument? Or solve a problem? There's a really big difference." - Dr. Phil

  • You have the greatest opportunity in this generation to have the most information, to have the most opportunities, to be able to do the most with your lives. You don't have to wait until you're 30 or 40. You guys can be successful!" - Frank Luntz

  • "You have been blessed with instant information, instant everything across the globe. And what do you do? You find a reason to beat each other up." -Frank Luntz

  • "And misinformation does spread six times faster than the truth on the web. That's empirically verified." Dr. Phil

  • "People trust the web more than they trust their own doctor. That's when you know you got a problem." - Frank Luntz

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