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Dr. Phil Helps You Become More Efficient in 2022 (Part 10)

Listen in to this important episode that will help you make 2022 the year you need it to be. Dr. Phil provides insights into how to make your life more efficient by letting go of multi-tasking, mental clutter, toxic people, and resolving lingering personal issues that distract and muddy the waters. He’ll help you stay focused, on purpose, and inspired to dare greatly and own the unique person you are that can bring in all the success you hope for!

In the final installment of “Phil in the Blanks: Toxic Personalities in the Real World,” Dr. Phil asks listeners, “Wouldn't you rather be healthy alone than in a toxic, sick, pathological damaging relationship with somebody else?”


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Dr. Phil Is Not A Fan Of New Year's Resolutions

Stop Multitasking


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