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How To Live A Meaningful Life Pt10

In this final episode on “Toxic Personalities In The Real World”, Dr. Phil discusses the importance of being unique, essential, and relevant. He urges you to be intentional in your actions and choices, instead of simply reacting to your environment. Do not rely on willpower alone, as it is unreliable and fleeting. Instead, he suggests developing the discipline to stop multitasking, which can increase cognitive and mental efficiency by as much as 40%.

Learn to unclutter your mind by identifying and addressing the thoughts, guilt, grudges, and negative self-talk that you may carry. Clean up one's social circle, only surrounding oneself with people who value and respect you. Pick your battles and do not react to every offense. It is important to be in control of oneself and not allow others to determine one's actions. Dr. Phil concludes by encouraging you to find your passion and purpose in life, as this is key to discovering fulfillment and living a meaningful life.

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How To Live A Meaningful Life By Increasing Your Distress Tolerance

Ways To Unclutter Your Mind

(Exercise Below: Click to view and download)
(Exercise Above: Click to view and download)

Mental Health Resources

  • The American Psychiatric Association has a comprehensive guide on help with personality disorders, for patients and their families. Learn about the 10 specific types, symptoms and treatment.

  • The National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) offers contact information for several groups who can assist with finding treatment, financial assistance and advocacy services.

  • The Personality Disorders Awareness Network (PDAN) has compiled a list of international organizations that can help.

  • Cleveland Clinic offers research on Antisocial Personality Disorder including symptoms and causes, prevention and outlook/prognosis.

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