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The Profile Of A School Shooter

Dr. James Densley and Dr. Jillian Peterson join Dr. Phil on his Phil in the Blanks podcast to share what they have learned about the profile of school shooters. “If we’re just talking school shooters, we can actually say, 100% male. They’re young, 15, 16 on average,” Dr. Peterson says.

Hear the statistics, the first step for intervening, and more.


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The Violence Project Social:

Reducing Violence Through Research and Analysis

The Violence Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center dedicated to reducing violence in society and using data and analysis to improve policy and practice. Our research on mass shootings, funded by the National Institute of Justice, has received global media attention. Our areas of expertise include gun violence, violent extremism, cyber violence, trauma and mental illness, street gangs and youth violence.

A Nonpartisan Research Center With A Strategic Response to Violence

We conduct high-quality, high impact, research for public consumption. We provide media commentaries and develop and deliver education and training to support concerned citizens, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, workplaces, houses of worship, and other public or private clients in their strategic response to violence.

Co-founded by psychologist Dr. Jillian Peterson and sociologist Dr. James Densley, The Violence Project has developed an integrated, interdisciplinary, understanding of violence and a holistic approach to addressing it. Best known for our work on gun violence prevention, The Violence Project also pioneered a new mental illness crisis intervention and de-escalation training for law enforcement (The R-Model) that has changed the way officers think about community policing. The Violence Project has featured in CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and other leading media outlets.



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