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The Psychology Of Success With Dr. Anne Shadle

The Psychology Of Success With Dr. Anne Shadle

Dr. Anne Shadle is an expert in the psychology of success. “It’s training your mind to know exactly what you need to do,” says the two-time NCAA national track and field champion and former professional runner. Dr. Shadle, who holds a Bachelor of Science in exercise science, says her research focused on understanding the psycho-emotional and psycho-social challenges, preparation, and responses of Olympic Gold Medal-winning athletes.

“I discovered the psychology aspects and just how powerful our mind is,” she says, adding, “I'm a strong believer that success leaves clues.”

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  • "If they can do so much with so little, I was envious of those kids.” Dr. Phil

  • "How powerful our mind is and just how much our mind shapes everything that we do." Dr. Anne Shadle

  • "I am a believer in the human spirit and I'm a believer in people.” Dr. Anne Shadle

  • ” Anything worth accomplishing takes struggle and effort.” Dr. Anne Shadle

  • “It's really important that we get up and try again. The most important thing is giving your best effort.” Dr. Anne Shadle

  • “I think it's a good thing to fall down and get back up.” Dr. Phil

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Dr. Anne Shadle Director of Mental Performance at New York Jets, Senior Research Performance Psychologist, 2x NCAA National Champion and former professional runner who now works with the USATF, IAAF, and USA Baseball, NIKE and Oklahoma City Thunder.2008 Olympic Trial semi-finalist, Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Member of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Sport Psychology Registry.

New York Jets Athletic Care and Performance Department - Director of Mental Performance

Dr. Anne Shadle core responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with the performance and medical staff, design and implement a psychological skills training program for enhancing team and individual performance.

  • Works closely with players to develop an individualized mental training plan unique to each athlete that addresses areas of strength and weakness such as but not limited to improving focus, self-awareness, cognitive and emotional flexibility, confidence, composure, one’s ability to think clearly and excel under pressure.

  • Works closely with players to address individual performance challenges such as but not limited to performance anxiety, working with perfectionist tendencies, overthinking, distraction control, re-focusing strategies, and recovery after poor performances.

  • Develops psychological profiles of player/coach attributes for developing personalized strategies for improving adaptation and resilience to uniquely challenging conditions of professional football.

  • Research new methods of development and implementation of sport and performance psychology literature, research, training, workshops, technology and programming for continued innovation.

US Air Force – Senior Research Performance Psychologist responsibilities:

  • Conducted research investigating and applying psychological principles, theories, processes and techniques toward developing healthiest/best performers with special warfare operators.

  • Lead, conceptualized, proposed plans and conducted research with the focus of improving health and human performance in support of aeromedical operational psychology research and consultation initiatives.

  • Structured a broad range of basic and applied psychological research involving systematic observation of cognitive, emotional, social and behavioral functioning relevant to selection/assessment, performance sustainment, and performance enhancement strategies.

  • Provided education to the mental health field as well as to the Air Force at large about current and emerging psychological processes, procedures and programs.


Anna Favorskaya
Anna Favorskaya
Dec 07, 2022

Hi. Good post. Absolutely agree with the text and everything it says. I think that success has a lot of components and first of all it is self-confidence. If you were not given this in childhood, I recommend you not to delay and work on yourself. I went to a psychologist and my life has noticeably improved. Now there is less doubt in decision-making, more motivation to learn new things and always hope for a good tomorrow.


Unknown member
Sep 06, 2022

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